Founding Farmers – Washington, DC [Review]

Aguacate / Avocado

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I try to visit my company‘s DC office as often as possible – the people are wonderful (Sandy, Dee, Hillary) and Washington, DC offers a nice change of pace from New York City. Each time I visit, we tend to have a nice, relaxed business lunch to catch up, and of course, to eat well.

On this past visit, a few weeks back, we set our hungry eyes on Founding Farmers (1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW). After finishing our meal, my first thought was, “I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt this full . . . ever.”

Such a great restaurant — from the decor to the food on the plate; everything is made to feel very homey. We started with an appetizer of the fried green tomatoes, which are served with this great avocado sauce and goat cheese spread, and an appetizer of cornbread, which is served with a really savory honey butter in a cast-iron skillet. Corn bread with chunks of real sweet corn? Delicious.

For the main course, we all ordered fairly different dishes. I had the roasted vegetable tartine, but I substituted the avocado spread for goat cheese. It was served with a delicious tomato soup. The dish was really well-assembled, but I maybe would have wished that the tartine was served warm. The other dishes ordered were a scallop risotto dish that looked delicious, the shrimp cobb salad, the chicken and quinoa dish, as well as the 17 vegetable salad. The salads both looked great, the shrimp salad was bigger, and the chicken dish was also bigger than I would have guessed. The service was impeccable – really friendly and attentive, and most importantly, really well educated on the ingredients in every dish. I would happily return to Founding Farmers, with friends or with colleagues.


Book Expo in Review

My past publishing experience had me involved with Book Expo America at a distance. Never having had to actually represent a company in the past, all things BEA were really a mystery to me.

Things at the office have been busier than ever, so taking out at least two full days to explore Book Expo and schmooze with industry peers seemed like an impossibility.

On Tuesday, I arrived at the Javits Center after spending a couple of hours at PTA. It was early still, so I was excited to embrace the chaos that was the expo floor.

I met up with our delightful Washington, DC staff — Hillary and Dee — and together, we navigated from booth to booth, snagging swag like signed copies — from Tyra, Chuck Klosterman, and Ellie Krieger — and totes (I ended up with 20).

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Holidays [not] On Ice

I spent most of my day yesterday trying to travel to the Hamptons, specifically to Amagansett, but my wait time at Penn Station and on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) inspired a weird amount of thought. [I should also probably cite Joni Mitchell as inspiration, because “River” was playing on repeat on my iPhone.]

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To the Internet with Love

With the new year fast approaching, I feel like it’s time that I thank someone (or really, something) that has been a long-standing fixture in my life. It’s not that I haven’t had the opportunity, or that I’m ungrateful, but it’s that I’m so heavily immersed in it, that sometimes I forget to come up for air. So, thank you, Internet, for being there for me when I needed you most.

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