Birchbox – July – My Pick

I get excited about two types of mail: Cook’s Country and Birchbox. Today, I received my July Birchbox, and while I’m excited about all of the products (especially the cool, colorful headphones!), I’m most pleased so far with a fun little product called the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner.

I always have a hard time properly applying eyeliner without looking like a character out of Angus Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging. I’ve been especially cold to trying liquid eyeliner because I’ve always felt it to be messy, and hard to fix.

This is not your typical liquid liner. In fact, it’s more of a marker than anything else. I felt like I was Crayola-ing my face. The shade I received was a dark purple, which actually looks more normal than funky. The only shades available for purchase on Birchbox are a bit too wacky — a lime green and an electric blue — but Sephora has a nice dark, kohl black color that I’d consider buying for the $15 price point.

Best part of all? This was one of the full-size products in my July Birchbox. No fear of running out too soon. This pick will be coming on my trip this weekend for my nighttime makeup routine.


Stains for the Vain

This is not a post dedicated to how messy I am, or how I often I stain things with red wine (all too often). It’s about face-finishing makeup products.

My morning routine is long, but simple. The longest part of the routine is my face — from toner and moisturizer to primer, foundation, blush and bronzer — and so I was thrilled when my Birchbox arrived with a lovely lip and cheek stain that I had been curious about.

One of the many awesome products in this month’s Birchbox was a little vial called Stainiac by theBalm. I tested out a little as a lip stain over my Nars “Dolce Vita” lipstick, and loved the hue that it added to the otherwise nude shade. For my face, I used my primer and foundation like normal, and instead of adding any of my blush/bronzer (Nars “Orgasm” and “Laguna”), I opted for a small swab of the stain across each cheek. The stain added a nice rose-toned hue to my otherwise pale skin, without looking artificial.

For $17, I will most likely purchase the full size version of this fantastic product.

Palate Palooza

I’ve been makeup crazy lately. I don’t wear it often, and I don’t wear it in excess, but I always like to have an up-to-date quality lineup of products to use for all occasions.

My daytime look has been pretty simple lately. I prep my face with a few products from Lush that I really believe freshen the skin. I start with their Ocean Salt cleanser. I use it daily, and it does a really great job of cleaning my skin. After using Ocean Salt, I spritz my face with a toner. My current favorite is Lush’s Tea Tree Water. It’s really fresh and natural, and lightens up the skin before moisturizer. To moisturize my face, I use Lush’s Imperialis. It’s really excellent, and softens up the skin without making it feel oily.

Once my skin is clean and prepped, I use a Smashbox foundation called Studio Skin in shade 1.1. Its texture is just a little heavier than that of tinted moisturizer, but it has the coverage benefits of a full-force foundation. I top off my foundation with a bit of bronzer. My favorite is Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. My good friend used in college when we were roommates, and after one borrow, I had to buy my own. I like to leave my eyes pretty natural. I use a MAC eye primer paint. I’d link to it but the foil tube is so worn out that the shade is not readable. I line my eyes with a simple coffee-shade liner by Sephora, and finish off the look with Dior Show in 090, which I believe is called Noir. It’s waterproof, which I really love, and has a nice plump brush, which helps coat the lashes from root to tip.

My beauty soapbox aside, there are some makeup palates I’ve been lusting after, and some that I’ve discovered on sale at Sephora that I might just buy. Check out my list below. And, if you’re looking for cool makeup tutorials, check out Chloe Butcher’s tutorials on YouTube.


  • Ooh La Lace Baked Shimmer & Matte Eye Shadow Palette ($114 Value) – $36
  • Little Black Palette ($72 Value) – $33
  • Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette ($100 Value) – $37
  • Private Affair Palette ($136 Value) – $38


  • In The Light Palette ($118 Value) – $39


  • Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette – Blue Eyes – $42


  • Moonshadow Baked Palette – In The Nude ($50 Value) – $28

Urban Decay

  • Book Of Shadows IV – $64
  • Naked Palate – $48


  • Sea of Love – $49