Here’s What

I love Andy Cohen. I am a devoted viewer of Watch What Happens Live, and admire the way he has completely reshaped the way we view and experience late-night television, and honestly, the way we digest pop culture in general. In particular, I adore his “Here’s What: Three Things I’m Obsessed With” segment.

So, tearing a page from Andy’s book, for my own here’s what series.

3 Things I’m Obsessed with This Weekend:

1. BuzzFeed’s Ranking of SNL “Weekend Update” anchors: Amazing. I love Kevin Nealon, Amy and Tina (duh!), and of course Dennis Miller. I was never really into Colin Quinn’s stint. But I respect him, and his cameo on HBO’s Girls last Sunday.

2. Gothamist’s Compilation of Larry David’s insults on Curb Your Enthusiasm: This compilation was pretty, pretty, pretty good. Sometimes I re-watch episode of Curb for the sole purpose of pithy one-liners and zingers.

3. Food 52’s History of Cider in America: Those who know my happy hour persona, know that I almost always opt for wine. When the menu is lacking in sauvignon blanc or a good pinot grigio, I start the scan for a good Strongbow or other such cider. So naturally, I found this piece pretty interesting.

What three things are YOU obsessed with from this weekend?


Atlantic City

I may be a business woman — saying this phrase always makes me think of Bette Midler in the movie Big Business — but in my spare time, I enjoy a good mental detox. Sometimes, that means things like watching installments of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise, and other times that means taking in more refined cultural activities like cooking, reading, or crafting. A few weekends ago, my boyfriend suggested we get away for a night to Atlantic City, and for the sake of finding out what it was all about, I agreed. After all, there had to be culture in Jersey, right?

I’m not really one for gambling. My cousin Alan had a casino theme for his bar mitzvah, and within an hour I was borrowing money from the house. Years later, I visited a casino in Detroit with my sister and her boyfriend. I lost what — at the time — was big money to me, all on the penny slots.

And so, the idea of going to Atlantic City — a place popularized by stereotypical tacky Jersey culture and that one episode of Sex and the City — didn’t seem so smart.

We stayed at Harrah’s on a Saturday night, and there must be something in the water in Atlantic City — or perhaps it’s the free drinks offered on floor for gamblers — but I actually really loved Atlantic City. I love all things leopard, almost always wear leggings, and don’t mind drinking a strawberry daiquiri at noon on a Sunday. I fit right in.

Sure, I lost $60, but the environment was exciting, and I knew my limit. My boyfriend had better luck, and spent his time playing Craps and Blackjack.

Between the tables, The Pool — a place that would only be hip and acceptable in a destination like Atlantic City —  and some delicious meals and libations in between, Atlantic City was a unique experience that I wouldn’t mind having again.

Real Extended Family of Parsippany, NJ

I have family everywhere. Sometimes, when I view wireless provider coverage maps, I wonder what a color-coded map of my extended family throughout the United States might look like.

When I made the decision to move to New York, there was a small sliver of comfort in the fact that my cousins in New York were a short train, bus, or taxi ride across the 59th Street Bridge.

In addition to my maternal extended in New York (mostly concentrated to the Upper East Side), I am fortunate enough to have  a bit of ultra extended (ie: my sister’s in-laws) family a little further west in New Jersey.

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Halloween Bling

Image courtesy of Dina Manzo via Facebook

I enjoy Halloween just as much as the next person (despite having dressed up as a french maid for the past three years). That being said, it wasn’t until last year that I carved my first pumpkin. While I enjoyed carving my actual design, cleaning out the pumpkin was an activity I would be happy to pass on. It was when I was perusing Facebook that I found an awesome idea from Bravo’s Real Housewife of New Jersey, Dina Manzo. She posted a picture of her October-themed tablescape and it featured some blinged and bedazzled pumpkins, which are a perfect idea for the not-so down-and-dirty crafter.

The Namesake – Top Chef Season 7

I was not at all surprised tonight when Alex was kicked off after tonight’s elimination challenge. Now that he is gone, I feel that I can resume being impressed with Tiffany and Kelly.

I thought the way Tiffany chose to deconstruct the gyro was really smart and simple enough where she could really work the classic flavors more powerfully. I would also give $1 million Monopoly dollars to hear Eric Ripert say “gyro” again.

Innovation, cooking, and taste aside, I was most pleased with this episode’s guest judges. I love Wiley Dufresne and Eric Ripert. Molecular Gastronomy is meshes cooking together as an art, a game, and a science. Eric Ripert, on the other hand, is just plain old adorable, and has been a great judge in past seasons. He’s most known for seafood, so I’m not sure that I’ll ever taste his food, but he sure is aesthetically pleasing.

Final three prediction? Simple. Ed, Tiffany, and Kelly.

Flip Flop

As summer nears its end, I find myself unwinding after a long day’s work, flipping from channel to channel as my TV shows of choice finally return. The following are shows that I am unhealthily invested in:

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