Halloween Bling

Image courtesy of Dina Manzo via Facebook

I enjoy Halloween just as much as the next person (despite having dressed up as a french maid for the past three years). That being said, it wasn’t until last year that I carved my first pumpkin. While I enjoyed carving my actual design, cleaning out the pumpkin was an activity I would be happy to pass on. It was when I was perusing Facebook that I found an awesome idea from Bravo’s Real Housewife of New Jersey, Dina Manzo. She posted a picture of her October-themed tablescape and it featured some blinged and bedazzled pumpkins, which are a perfect idea for the not-so down-and-dirty crafter.


The Namesake – Top Chef Season 7

I was not at all surprised tonight when Alex was kicked off after tonight’s elimination challenge. Now that he is gone, I feel that I can resume being impressed with Tiffany and Kelly.

I thought the way Tiffany chose to deconstruct the gyro was really smart and simple enough where she could really work the classic flavors more powerfully. I would also give $1 million Monopoly dollars to hear Eric Ripert say “gyro” again.

Innovation, cooking, and taste aside, I was most pleased with this episode’s guest judges. I love Wiley Dufresne and Eric Ripert. Molecular Gastronomy is meshes cooking together as an art, a game, and a science. Eric Ripert, on the other hand, is just plain old adorable, and has been a great judge in past seasons. He’s most known for seafood, so I’m not sure that I’ll ever taste his food, but he sure is aesthetically pleasing.

Final three prediction? Simple. Ed, Tiffany, and Kelly.

Flip Flop

As summer nears its end, I find myself unwinding after a long day’s work, flipping from channel to channel as my TV shows of choice finally return. The following are shows that I am unhealthily invested in:

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