I Won’t Scream, But I Did Love This Ice Cream

A while back, I joined a site called Influenster because I love test-driving products for review. And, with my luck, I received my very first Voxbox…for Weight Watchers Ice Cream.

I don’t usually have a sweet tooth. In fact, I much prefer the flavor of roasted garlic to most things sweet. That said, my Memorial Day festivities called for something sweet, so I decided to use my two coupons from Weight Watchers to snag two boxes of bars for my in-laws’ house.

The Bars

I opted for the Dark Chocolate Dulce de Leche and Divine Triple Chocolate. I’m a sucker for caramel flavor, and chocolate is an old standby for even the pickiest sweet-eater.

The Verdict

I’m glad to say that these particular ice cream bars were delicious, and nothing about them felt like a sacrifice for some of the more indulgent brands and varieties. The chocolate shell that’s on both bars adds a really nice texture and flavor against the creaminess of the bar itself. I most enjoyed the caramel bar because of the well of caramel at its core.

I offered one to my husband without the wrapper, and he thought it was Haagen Dazs.

The size was just right – more than a taste, and not even close to a splurge.

I would recommend these bars to anyone – Weight Watchers member or not. They’re nicely portioned, real-tasting (which is big in the world of lower calorie sweets), and affordable.

I’m excited to try new flavors to beat this city heat!

image1 (1)


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