The Hundred Foot Journey [A Review]

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie. I’ve been very much tempted by the small theater I pass each workday on my short walk to the train, but have resisted, mostly in an attempt to conserve my energy and attention for The Hundred Foot Journey’s opening weekend. 

When you work the hours that I do, you want to do right by the things you love. 

Food and film are my two loves, and if I’m going to indulge in either, it’s only going to be when I can give each my full attention.

Juliet Blake, one of the film’s producers, is a family friend. I met her four years ago through my cousin Esther when I moved to New York, and she was – and still is – incredibly real. I got a glimpse of the movie from photos she shared via Facebook while on location, which only built up my anticipation even more.

From start to finish, the film was filled with warmth, from family to food, inviting the audience in as part of the experience. 

While you can’t deny that Manish Dayal was the star of the film, so too was Om Puri – my favorite. His character reminded me of Omar Sharif from Monsieur Ibrahim. And for that reason, I was drawn in. His rugged charm made him so lovable; we’ve all had the type of relative – most likely a parent – who has been meddlesome and persistent, in only the most protective and loving way.

While the food itself wasn’t as much a star in this movie as it was in a picture like Julie & Julia, the passion for cooking actively propelled the movie and bridged two cultures.

If you do nothing else between now and Monday, go see this movie. Not only will you leave without regret, you’ll have a renewed sense of inspiration to get you through the coming week.



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