Never Forget

It’s 12 years later, and I now call New York my home. I’ve been here for almost 4 years, but 12 years ago, I had no concept of the city. I’d never been. The tall buildings, the vibrant communities. They meant nothing to me, because I didn’t know.

But now I live here.

I take full advantage of the life that fills these streets. The energy that is New York — the people, the places, the adventures to be had — is the biggest show of recovery. America, and especially New York’s “concrete Jungle” are proof that we are a nation, we are a community, and we shall overcome as a united nation, people working together toward peace and happiness. Every year on this day — and honestly, every single day in between — is a reminder to live life, because we are lucky enough to be here, and to have a life to live.

Today I not only remember and pay tribute to the victims of September 11, 2001, but I celebrate the great strides New York City, and the United States of America have made ever since. We are a work in progress, but it is our calling to keep on keeping on.


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