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Thankful, I am

I flew home on Tuesday, not sure of what to expect this Thanksgiving holiday. This had always been my Bubby Cyrille’s holiday, and when she passed away three years ago, I felt much of this particular holiday’s cheer would have passed with her. Fortunately — and not abnormally — I was wrong.

With my dad having had major surgery, and my Zaydie Sam not as strong as he used to be, this Thanksgiving will prove a challenge, along with plenty to be grateful and thankful for.

Tonight, we’ll dine at my Auntie Phyllis’ — because that’s tradition, and we like that in my tribe — we’ll see family and friends (some old, some new). Most sentimental of all is that with my Bubby gone, my mother will recite the poem that her grandfather — Zaydie Fred — wrote for my Bubby when she was in the fifth grade.

Thanksgiving Day comes but once a year, but always it is full of cheer. There is but one who rouse this day, who this one is, I need not say. But just in case there is some doubt, it is the turkey gobbler I speak about. For the rest of us Thanksgiving Day is a time to fuss, a time to pray and thank God we live in the good old U.S.A.
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, and continuing my Michigan vacation.
So, let’s turn the tables. Tell me, what are you thankful for?
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