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Zaydie & Me

One of the only assignments I remember from the first grade — besides the spelling test I failed — was the MVP report. Each student had to write a paragraph about the most valuable person in their lives, accompanied by an illustration. My MVP was none other than my Zaydie Sam.

No disrespect to my parents, but living in New York, I miss my Zaydie most of all. I over-dedicate posts to him on

Years Later xoxo

Facebook, call him, text him, and Skype with him, but nothing will replace having him as my neighbor and being able to see him daily.

He is the warmest person on the planet, and delivers one-liners that I’m not sure he realizes are funny. He makes the worlds best scrambled eggs (2 eggs, scrambled, not separated, and served slightly runny), and is one of few people I allow to text me in shorthand (he signs his name “Z”).

Today, my Zaydie Sam turns 83. I am so beyond grateful to have such a lovely grandfather in my life. He made my grandmother happy, he raised three children who still look up to him, and has 5 grandchildren (and two GREAT grandchildren) who love him dearly.

From the Big Apple to the Little Mitten, I wish my Zaydie the happiest, healthiest birthday with much love and admiration. You’re simply the best, Sam Cooper.

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