The Mindy Project

English: Actress Mindy Kaling at the premiere ...

There’s always been something intriguing about Mindy Kaling. Funny as part of The Office ensemble, but the small roles I’d seen her in outside the NBC sitcom were not so appealing.

Fast-forward to The Mindy Project. I was perusing Xfinity for something to watch, with the intention of putting on a movies from the 90s in the background of some reading or writing. Instead, I found Mindy Kaling’s new Fox pilot, and decided to give it a watch. And I’m so glad I did.

As it were, Mindy’s humor does not fall far from Kelly Kapoor’s hilarity on the office. She’s smart, acid-tongued, and a wee bit ditzy. Her character is an OBGYN looking for her rom-com dream man. She is endearing, albeit tragically so, and delivers — pardon the pun — some wickedly fast-paced one-liners that I wish I had written down. Oddly relatable, and lots of fun.

I’m very much looking forward to the show’s premiere September 25. It’s the only reason I’d ever tune in to Fox. For micro laughs from the brilliant Kaling, follow her on Twitter.


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