Stains for the Vain

This is not a post dedicated to how messy I am, or how I often I stain things with red wine (all too often). It’s about face-finishing makeup products.

My morning routine is long, but simple. The longest part of the routine is my face — from toner and moisturizer to primer, foundation, blush and bronzer — and so I was thrilled when my Birchbox arrived with a lovely lip and cheek stain that I had been curious about.

One of the many awesome products in this month’s Birchbox was a little vial called Stainiac by theBalm. I tested out a little as a lip stain over my Nars “Dolce Vita” lipstick, and loved the hue that it added to the otherwise nude shade. For my face, I used my primer and foundation like normal, and instead of adding any of my blush/bronzer (Nars “Orgasm” and “Laguna”), I opted for a small swab of the stain across each cheek. The stain added a nice rose-toned hue to my otherwise pale skin, without looking artificial.

For $17, I will most likely purchase the full size version of this fantastic product.

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