I’ve played owner to many a blog. Too many, in fact. I quickly realized just how hard it was to take ownership of an idea, and expand on it verbally . . . at least three times weekly . . . and so I decided to consolidate my thoughts and my efforts into one blog — full of ramblings from recipes and movie reviews to short essays about my family and professional life.

There’s no formula to blogging, and my current, longest lasting blog doesn’t have a true content strategy. I write about what moves me, what interests me — and sometimes what annoys me. One area I’d like to touch on, that I don’t so much right now, is the career space. It’s something I’m passionate about, but don’t tend to gab on about in long-format online. I’d also like to play with the format of my blog, to include more original photography, as well as less-than-viral (but still interesting and incredibly worthwhile!) video.

I’m curious, for my readers who also blog, how have you incorporated your blog into your routine, and where do you look for blogspiration?


One thought on “Blogspiration

  1. Lately I’ve found great inspiration when I comment on other people’s blogs, news articles, photos, etc. If my comment ends up being blogworthy on my own blog, I’ll post it on my own site.

    I hear ya on trying to run too many blogs. I have a bunch. However, I still think there’s great value to having focused niche blogs–as hard as they can be to update. Right now I keep three pretty regularly updated: Excuse me while I drop some links. is updated almost every day with a creative thought. is more of my publishing blog (I try to do that twice a week), and then there’s the goofy (that’s about three times a week, although i’m fine if it gets to once a week).

    I look forward to your consolidated blog! 🙂

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