President Obama hosts a traditional Seder dinn...Passover – brought to you by Maxwell House – is my least favorite holiday. I’ve never been a fan of matzoh (matzo, matzah) – beyond matzoh meal for matzoh ball soup, matzoh brei, and matzoh pizza – and the seders in my family are a little lengthy. I do, however, love any opportunity to celebrate with my family, and so tomorrow I’ll make the short plane trek via Delta to Detroit for the first two nights of Passover. Passover has been different since 2010, which was the first without my beloved Bubby Cyrille. She carried out the tradition of reading the Four Questions in Yiddish (click here for the transliteration) after we read them in Hebrew and in English. Tomorrow, we’ll have a smaller seder than normal, as many of my cousins are traveling to Israel for the holiday. Certainly not the seders of my childhood – with respect to size and general fanfare – but I’m still looking forward to seeing my lovely family, and meeting our new dog Lucas.

For those of you keeping Kosher for Pesach, check out these recipes from Martha Stewart. Have a very happy and healthy Pesach, and to those celebrating Easter, have a happy Easter Sunday!

2 thoughts

  1. I love Passover even more now that I have two awesome kids. It makes it so much more of a connection to the holiday when I experience it with my children and of course my wife.

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