Twitter, can you hear me?

SXSW always has fun things in store, and this year, the most selfishly beneficial thing that hit my feed from the conference was the deal between Twitter and American Express

twitter fail image
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that allows Twitter users to sync their American Express cards with their Twitter accounts for special deals and savings at several business, small and large.

I love it, and have already saved $10 from Seamless.

That said, Twitter has room to improve. One feature that I’d love to see, and am surprised I have yet to see, is a tool that allows you to view your Twitter interactions, long-term, between users. The feature would mimic Facebook’s “view friendship” capabilities. While I appreciate that Twitter allows you to follow specific threads, I’m more curious about long-term interactions between myself and other users. And I’m getting antsy.

What features do you want to see Twitter roll out throughout 2012?

2 thoughts

  1. I’d like to see the @reply percentage of all the people I follow. (@reply percentage being the number of @replies a person makes divided by that person’s total number of tweets) This site shows it on a one-person basis: But i’d like to see it for ALL the people I follow.

    It wouldn’t really be something that twitter would roll out, but I’ve been wanting a third party to do this for a couple years now.

    Once I see a complete list of my followings sorted by @reply percentage, I would go in and unfollow the people who don’t @reply at all. (yeah, i’m cold).

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