84th Annual Oscars [Belated Reflections]

I devote my annual awards season attention to just one show: The Oscars. I don’t quite have an Academy Awards ritual — watching it from beginning to end is enough for me. To my benefit, I’ve watched the last two shows with my cousin, who organizes a pool with friends and colleagues every year to guess the winners in each category.

There were no real surprises winners for me — I love Viola Davis, but I root for Meryl endlessly — and the red carpet designs did not disappoint. Most delightful of all, however, was Billy Crystal and his ninth-time’s-the-charm talent displayed as he hosted a spectacularly entertaining evening. Just like Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin and their host-off battle with Saturday Night Live, Billy Crystal meshes so well with the Academy Awards.

This year I saw less of the nominated films than in the past — likely because I’m busier than I’ve ever been. Ever.

That said, I trekked to the movies this weekend in the rainy windy mess that was New York to the see The Artist, and I’m happy to confirm that it was excellent. The lack of sound beyond the music was surprisingly engaging — even in somewhat empty theater in Queens — and after 5 minutes of the film, I was hooked, attached to the story and characters. Definitely deserving of the win.

I really need to find time to see Hugo, and may go see A Separation tomorrow after work. For someone who works in publishing, I’m really in love with the film industry.

What were your thoughts about the 84th Annual Oscars — the winners, the losers, the fashions?

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