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Beans on Toast 2.0

Broad beans, shelled and steamed
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I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to cut carbs out of my diet, mostly because my typical breakfast tends to revolve around a not-so American classic: beans on toast. Don’t judge me just yet. I’ve never gone so basic as to have the basic British variety: baked beans over toast. No, no. I’m a bit more wholesome, and opt for variations of the lentil or chickpea over something like a rustic whole wheat bread, or pumpernickel. Better yet? Olive bread.

Here are 4 variations on beans over toast that may spark your tastebuds:

1. Beluga lentils, baby spinach, goat cheese, and roasted garlic over pumpernickel – I love pumpernickel-flavored products. A good pumpernickel bread can be quite versatile, and is a staple in one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches. Roast three cloves of garlic in the oven (25-30 minutes at 400 degrees). Slice one wide piece of pumpernickel bread and toast for 30 seconds to one minute. Pull garlic out of the oven. Smash garlic and combine with goat cheese to make a spread. Spread the garlic/goat cheese mixture on your toasted slice of pumpernickel. Top with fresh, washed baby spinach and cooked beluga lentils. Wholesome, vegetarian, hearty.

2. Chickpeas over toasted pita – Sounds simple because it is. If you have a toaster oven and a stove top, you’re set. In a pan over medium heat (spray with cooking spray or use one teaspoon extra virgin olive oil), add 1/2 cup chickpeas (canned chickpeas are OK, so long as you rinse them well. I tend to buy organic or low-sodium), and cook until brown, but not crisp. Add paprika, za’atar, salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Toast a Mediterranean pita in the toaster oven until golden.  Mash the chickpeas and spices into a lumpy mixture, and spread over toasted pita.

3. Smashed peas and fava beans with fresh mozzarella Here is a great recipe from The Cilantropist. For a fun variation, try using edamame instead.

4. Crostini Fava Beans Creme Fraiche This is a gourmet take on beans and toast, as it uses mushroom oil and creme fraiche, but it all pays off. Thanks to Local Lemons for the great recipe!

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