Belated Gifting: Delinquent Edition

It’s 11 a.m., and those within the Eastern Time Zone and beyond have likely unwrapped the majority of their Christmas gifts. There are three nights left of Hanukkah, and so still plenty of time for belated gift purchasing.

For some, gifting is enjoyable and easy. For others, especially those who fell victim to the crappy economy, gifting is a pain.

I tend to gift sporadically. Cards are more my style so that I can reach many more people while not spending my life savings.

My cousin Max alerted me to a humorous gift option a la George Costanza’s “The Human Fund” donations. Check out “Helping Those Who Can’t Afford to Care,” a fake charity donation generator.

Humor aside, if you do have a little extra to spend, consider making an end of year donation to a real charity. I’m passionate about social media for social good, and thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to give a little with the potential of making a big difference. Check out the IRS tips for end of year giving.


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