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RIP Steve Jobs [iSad]

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Steve Jobs died today. In his own words, he had called death the “best invention of life,” in that it “cleans out the old to make way for the new.”

To me, Jobs was a role model. His display of leadership as the co-founder of Apple, Inc., as well as his commitment to innovation while serving as its CEO, were key in his ability to lead a cultural revolution.

Under his leadership and direction, Apple went from a garage-born startup, to a technological empire that has spurred beyond well designed — in every sense of the word — computers, and that has encouraged a movement for those who identify their dreams and goals as different, to employ creativity, innovation, and a live-in-the-moment attitude as they reach for the top.

I could sit here, and write an ode to the Apple products I’ve used and owned over the years, but that wouldn’t even come close to quantifying just how grateful I am for Jobs’ contributions to my hyper-digital world.

At 56 years old, Jobs has left this world, and has opened the floor for new innovators, people whom he would have classified as the round pegs in square holes, new people who see things differently.

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