Tapas Adela Restaurant [Review]

A little over a month ago, I visited my friend Janet and her fiance (now husband) Michael. We were looking around Fells Point for restaurants of interest, and came here because of its cool outdoor seating, and delicious-sounding menu.

We started with the sangria blanca. It was really crisp, and had an interesting pear/lychee flavor. We ordered two tapas each, and shared a plate of olives. Everything was so inexpensive. The olives, a pretty full platter, were under $4, and the meal was served with 4 pieces of bruschetta. I ordered the Coliflor Gratinada – cauliflower with manchengo, olives, onions, garlic, and chickpeas, and the Garbanzos Tostados — roasted chickpeas with onions, tomatoes, and sherry vinegar. Both dishes were really delicious and filling, which I felt was surprising given the price.

Janet ordered Veiras con Vinagreta de Pistachios, which was a seared scallop dish. She seemed to really enjoy it. For her second tapa, she ordered Espinaca Salteado, which was a salty spinach and roasted garlic dish topped with Cana de Cabra – a tangy Spanish goat cheese.

I was thrilled with the attentive service and delicious food, and it was incredibly affordable for such a trendsetting cuisine in a hip neighborhood.

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