Intelliga Alarm Clock [Review]

Image courtesy of Intelliga

I can’t say that I love alarm clocks just based on the fact that they’re meant to wake one up, but if I had to chose an alarm clock to love, it’d be the Intelliga Alarm Clock. I downloaded the app back in the May, and tend to use it more than the standard Apple alarm clock, especially because unlike the iPhone, the iPad does not come with a pre-installed alarm clock application.

As you can see in the screen capture, there are several more options available for this alarm clock than via Apple’s clock. Beyond the obvious things like enabling the alarm and setting a specific time, this app allows for repeating alarm settings, sounds that can pull from your iTunes library on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, with the ability of playing more than one song. You can adjust the volume on every alarm that you set, and the snooze options are the best – I’ve never had an alarm clock that lets me snooze for 30 minutes.

Beyond the super practical settings mentioned above, there’s a definite aesthetic edge to the Intelliga Alarm Clock, as you can choose a variety of clock faces you can choose from. I tend to use the Analog-Carbon clock face, the Analog-Bubble face is great, too, and the rotating bubble can easily put you into a trance.

The alarm clock app itself is free, with the clock faces costing very little – ranging from $0.99 for an individual clock face, to $4.99 for a full collection. This is the perfect alarm clock application, and I highly recommend it as an alternative to the Apple-version that is already installed on the iPhone.


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