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I love pita bread. I use it for pita pizzas, Middle Eastern-style tostadas, but also use it for a simple bread and garnish-type snack. Tonight my dinner was pretty simple and not quite exciting, but because I need a little bit of excitement after a long day, I made a practically no-prep snack before dinner. I ordered lentil soup a few nights ago from Zenon Taverna and they sent it with practically a loaf of fresh bread and pita. I froze it, and for my snack tonight, I toasted 5 strips of pita in a toaster oven. While the pita strips were toasting, I took 1/2 tbs. of extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbs. of reduced-fat Feta, 9-10 sliced cherry tomatoes, 2tbs. of organic canned chickpeas, fresh black pepper, and garlic powder, and mixed them in a bowl. Once the pita was toasted, I arranged it around the edge of the bowl, and voila, snack was served.

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