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I’ve spent the last 30 minutes (maybe more…) on StumbleUpon, looking for recipes for fall soups, and happened upon this cool site, Chocomize.

Chocomize is more than just a digital chocolatier — it’s like a chocoholic’s playpen. Chocomize is an online retailer/chocolatier that allows you to customize your very own chocolate bar. Bars start at $3.95, and there’s a flat ship rate within the U.S. of $6.95. There is a 2 bar minimum during the summer, and the mix-ins (a limit of 5) vary in price, too.

After you’ve chosen between dark, milk, or white chocolate, the toppings range from nuts & seeds, fruits, herbs & spices, candy, decorations (including crystallized flowers and gold flakes), and an “other” category which includes things as far out as vegetarian bacon and potato chips.

These chocolate bars would be a great and inexpensive host gift idea, one I will likely use when I stay with family friends on the North Shore.


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