Mama Frozen Yogurt (Astoria, NY) [Review]

A few weeks ago, I noticed a cute, modern-looking yogurt shop around the corner. I decided to welcome Mama Frozen Yogurt to the neighborhood, by indulging in the sweet treat after work one day.

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It’s so incredibly inexpensive for such a great-tasting, not-so-awful-for-you treat. I opted for the nonfat New York cheesecake flavor with passion fruit-flavored bobba (bubbles), kiwi, and strawberry. If you’re watching your weight and follow Weight Watchers, it has a points plus value of 3 for a half-cup serving. My half-cup serving with all of that fruit cost me less than $5. Amazing. I only had my credit card on me and while they normally have a $6 minimum, they were willing to let me charge my balance, and so I gave a $2 tip. I loooved the passion fruit-flavored bubbles, but would probably opt for a less rich flavor next time, like the nonfat nondairy or no sugar added varieties.

4 thoughts

  1. Sounds DELICIOUS! I am a big froyo fan. Let’s go there together sometime in the near future!!

    Would you say the consistency of their yogurt is creamy (like ice cream) or more flake-y/icy?

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