I work in publishing and have a deep-rooted love for the written word. That said, I have almost always preferred to read a printed text as opposed to print on screen. When the news grew more readily and accurately available online, and when my parents opted to switch from dial-up Internet to a cable modem, I slowly migrated toward digital reading. Still, the pace with which I could read text on a screen was significantly slower than what I could accomplish with a hard copy, and it wasn’t until I purchased my iPad that I seriously entertained the idea of downloading an eReader app (as opposed to forking over more money for a separate device). I opted for the Kindle App, but also downloaded the Apple app, iBooks. Having considered the factors beyond text readability, including price, availability of books, speed of download, etc., I have to say that I really prefer the Kindle app. I’ve  noticed that many titles are significantly cheaper than in the iBooks store, and it’s linked to my Amazon account, which I appreciate.

On my trip back from Baltimore this weekend, I wanted to read instead of watch a movie, so I purchased I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti, by Giulia Melucci. It downloaded in mere seconds, cost less than $10, and was super clear to read on my iPad.

Go with the Kindle app. Just do it.


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