The Art of the Menu

Thanks to a post from Kettle NYC, I discovered Under Consideration’s Art of the Menu. As someone who loves to cook, and who enjoys the modern culture of food (be it making it and serving it, or ordering it and eating it), I found the page pretty cool.

I spent a few minutes checking out the artistic and kitschy/quirky qualities, and picked two personal favorite designs:

Schiller’s Liquor Bar

Courtesy of UnderConsideration

I loved the hand-drawn style of the font. It added a positive rustic quality to the menu, which to me, gives the menu and its offerings even more authenticity.


Courtesy of UnderConsideration

Like the commentary from UnderConsideration, I enjoyed the playful, and yet elegant nature of the multiple font choices. The colors are easy on the eyes, and the playful factor pops up again with the details and illustrations scattered throughout the page. The menu also reads in a fairly logical way.


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