Big Ideas for Small Spaces

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m moving to a new apartment on Wednesday. While people normally move to Astoria for space without entirely sacrificing location (Astoria is about a 10-15 minute commute to Manhattan by train, a bit longer by bus), I’m moving within Astoria for location, not necessarily space.

My current apartment, a 2-bedroom with living room, small dining nook, kitchen, front hallway and bathroom, is spacious. I didn’t have to worry about fitting my things into the greater space of the apartment, though my bedroom is definitely smaller than what I was used to in Michigan.

My new apartment is definitely spatially-challenged, but I’m confident that I can make it work.

I’ve been scouring cyber space for inspiration on decorating small spaces, and have learned a few things throughout my search.


Finding an apartment and packing up my current space is stressful enough — finding good deals on the retail-lined city streets that surround me was not worth my time. Instead, I ventured online and browsed sale sections for large retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Urban Outfitters, Target, and Macy’s. These stores have excellent home sections and are always featuring sales and coupon-related deals.

Note: Crate and Barrel has an especially great Outlet section on its site that offers up some really wonderful kitchen, dining, and accent pieces.

Online-only Retailers

Online-only retailers like or are full of great products, and often offer up free shipping opportunities for purchases over a certain dollar value. Amazon has some especially cool art work and posters worth perusing, at prices that are competitive with what you can find at brick and mortar shops.

Ikea vs. the Others

When contemplating what I needed to pack, and what I could sell, I was considering buying a new couch versus my Ikea futon. The futon is hip-looking, in its defense, but I’m 22 years old, and perhaps that’s a couch-appropriate age.

I decided to look at my options — and for the record, I’m two days away from moving and have decided to stick with the futon until I find a couch I like — and realized that while Ikea has some affordable prices for sofas, sofa beds, and loveseats, the quality with their products tends to be less than satisfactory.

Stay tuned for more on my move, as well as pictures of the apartment once it’s nice and organized.




2 thoughts on “Big Ideas for Small Spaces

  1. Good luck moving! I just got settled into Ferndale–it’s a two bedroom, so if you ever want to stay over when you visit (I dunno why you would, since I live like right next to your family haha), you can!

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