Book Expo in Review

My past publishing experience had me involved with Book Expo America at a distance. Never having had to actually represent a company in the past, all things BEA were really a mystery to me.

Things at the office have been busier than ever, so taking out at least two full days to explore Book Expo and schmooze with industry peers seemed like an impossibility.

On Tuesday, I arrived at the Javits Center after spending a couple of hours at PTA. It was early still, so I was excited to embrace the chaos that was the expo floor.

I met up with our delightful Washington, DC staff — Hillary and Dee — and together, we navigated from booth to booth, snagging swag like signed copies — from Tyra, Chuck Klosterman, and Ellie Krieger — and totes (I ended up with 20).

Dee and Ellie Krieger

After our exhausting day of BEA celebrity sightings, I had to head to our company’s manager’s dinner at Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Despite its name, I was really surprised by this restaurant. The menu was full of great vegetarian options, and they made a very delicious frozen margarita.

Day two of BEA was a bit more hectic because of meetings, but still rather enjoyable. I met up with Dee and Hillary before their return trip to DC, and had a book signed by the delightful Jimmy Fallon.

After their departure, I perused the remaining aisles of Book Expo with my colleagues Anna and Eric, and had the good fortune to meet a blogger who I’ve e-mailed with since starting at PTA.

I sat out on day three to get back to the grind of book publicity and stay on top of productivity. I figured a compliment from Tyra Banks on my iPad case, hearing Jimmy Fallon call Eric “brotha,” and Ellie Krieger giving me a recipe recommendation could easily push me to get some pitching and account work done after two exhaustive days of scouring Fall 2011 catalogs.

I ended BEA-week strong by attending the Book Blogger Convention reception. I was happy to see some familiar faces, and meet some new and cool book bloggers.

With BEA behind me and my move ahead of me, I’m 20 totes, 10 catalogs, and 5 books stronger.

By the way, one of my favorite totes was the blue and orange bag from Chronicle Books.


One thought on “Book Expo in Review

  1. Love this! So jealous (as you know a million times over)! I am making a promise to myself that I will save up to go to BEA next year. Looks/sounds amazing…

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