Senior Moment

Maybe it’s the rain, or maybe I’m just homesick, but today I spent a significant amount of time reflecting upon the time I spent at MSU, remembering most fondly my senior year.

I moved to New York less than a week after graduation, without much time to really reflect on my overall college experience. I knew my college years (2006-2010, respectively) weren’t the best years of my life, but they were better than high school, and I met some friends with whom I hope to stay connected for a lifetime.

The two things I miss most about my senior year, or rather, the people/things that made me value the very end of my  college experience were:

  • Living with two of my best friends, Mallory and Rachel.
    • How a group so different got along, I have no idea. Rachel is one of the most creative, out-of-box friends I have, and her random “live-in-the-moment” attitude is something I miss on a daily basis, and try hard to live vicariously through over the phone. Mallory is an equally free spirit. She somehow unraveled my uptight personality, and made me appreciate fun, while proving that, with a little hard work, there is a livable balance between work and play.
  • Beer Rhetorics
    • I rarely went out on weeknights in college. I’m a lightweight, and one drink truly hits home. When I found out that classmates from my portfolio workshop (capstone course for the PW program) were meeting up after class for quality drinks and conversation at Woody’s Oasis, I felt like joining in on the fun. While I was hardly a regular at these functions, when I did make it out, I had a great time. It makes me proud to think that the PW program had carved out such a sense of community.

Naturally, there was a lot more, even in terms of enjoyable moments, to my college experience, but these two items, listed above, were things that I truly cherish.

What do you miss most about your final year of college?


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