AAA: Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Antihistamine

Let’s be honest . . . sanity doesn’t suit me. Being normal, simple, and easy-to-please has never been by shtick, and likely never will be. Within a week of starting work at my current job, I’m pretty sure my colleagues began to get a sense of my quirks, most notably: my fear of germs.

It’s not rational, and certainly not OCD-extreme, but when people sneeze, I cringe. When they cough, I glare. When they cough and sneeze, I sanitize and disinfect. When my roommate had mono and strep this summer, I started washing my hands with surgical soap, walking around with latex gloves and a mask. Normal, I am not.

That all said, one of the members of my Interactive Dream Team (that’s right), Eric Glover, found a hilarious video, part of a Kleenex promotion with Nick @ Nite (has it been so long since I’ve watched the network to realize they switched the “at” to “@”?), that perfectly reflects my attitude toward people battling colds this winter season. I care and take care, just don’t touch me.

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