With Love from Detroit

It’s hard to prove love for a city that has been on the decline since I was born. I can say I love the community I grew up in, but who would understand? Marshall Mathers, or as others know him best, Eminem, took part in a great commercial spot, promoting Chrysler, but in turn, giving a shout-out to the Motor City, and the classic urban charm it has to offer. In addition to sharing the YouTube clip of the commercial, I thought I’d share my top 5 list of my Motor City favorites.

Top 5 Things I Love About Detroit

  • Vernor’s – No one understands Ginger Ale unless they’ve tried Vernor’s. It is Michigan’s cure to an upset stomach, and the perfect way to make dessert drinks of ice cream and soda.
  • The Michigan Left – The only perk to driving on a Michigan road (well, that, and turning right on red (unless where otherwise noted)).
  • The Great Lakes – I’m by no means an “outdoorsy” kind of girl, however, there is nothing more beautiful than starting out the summer with a trip to Lake Michigan.
  • The Woodward Dream Cruise – OK, I hate it when I’m at home and can’t cross Woodward during this weekend in August, and really most of the summer, but at the same time, it shows such a sense of pride in Michigan’s auto background.
  • Greek Town – My dad’s parents used to take us to Greek Town all the time, and we’d go on the monorail, eat at Pegasus, and enjoy our trip away from the ‘burbs. I still enjoy going down to Greek Town when I’m home, and was lucky enough to spend a pre-birthday dinner with family there this year.

5 thoughts on “With Love from Detroit

  1. I agree on all your favorites – they are mine also. As a native Detroiter (for over a half-century, yikes!) I would like to add Belle Isle to your list. One of my favorite places to view not only the City of Detroit, but our close neighbor Canada. Did you know Belle Isle and Central Park share a history? Same Landscape Architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Perhaps his vision was a mini-Manhattan someday…

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