North Shore Hospitality

Since moving to New York, I’ve done more bouncing around than normal. Growing up, family travels always consisted of hotel stays, save one trip to Ohio when I opted to stay at our family friends’ house. While that isolated instance of a home stay was my first and perhaps my worst (first time ever trying alcohol . . . Mr. Boston’s rum . . . blech), I’ve since changed my tune and have stayed at the homes of many a relation.

Last weekend, I was in the mood to take an out-of-city excursion, so I opted for the lovely Glen Cove, New York, where I had a new connection. A friend of my Michigan cousin, who has since become a friend of mine, invited me to his beautiful Glen Cove home for the weekend. Despite my mild cat allergies, I jumped at the opportunity to skip town for an evening, to schmooze with Adam, and to meet his lovely wife and daughter.

I’ve come across several new and interesting people of all ages since my May move, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever truly socialized with a 6-year-old on the same level that I did with her parents. Charlotte is the exception. At age 6, she may understand more about grammar and sentence mechanics than most people 10 or 20 years her senior.

The entire house encouraged a bizarre balance of productivity and relaxation. The quirky architectural fixtures, the giant bar in the kitchen, the basement library, none of which particularly go together, still somehow made perfect sense. After a stressful work week, and the fact that another one was quickly approaching, I welcomed each little experience of the weekend — many of which were firsts.

In one weekend, I rekindled my love for jigsaw puzzles with a 6-year-old whiz-kid, had my first-ever hard cider (and actually enjoyed it!), watched a hilarious round of new-to-me BritComs (<– the linked show is not a BritCom, but a panel show like “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me), and took a leisurely drive ’round Glen Cove and the surrounding North Shore villages. From the fondue dinner and crepe breakfast to the small dose of work in between, my first Long Island getaway was relaxing, and will not be my last.


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