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Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People [review]

It’s not a secret that I absolutely adore the creative minds of the Sedaris family. While Amy has a different brand of humor than David, she’s funny (kitschy) nonetheless. While perusing Twitter and checking out the awesome publishers with a strong Twitter presence, I noticed that Grand Central Publishing had review copies available of Amy Sedaris’ newest book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. My first thought? “I need, I need. I want, I want.”

I really enjoyed this book. I received it via GCP a few days before I flew home for the Thanksgiving holiday, which was perfect timing. While schmoozing with Delta Airlines on Twitter, I stayed awake by reading, and in this case, laughing loud — in appropriately so — for an airplane. I only wish I had the materials, many of which are household (or in the case of the hair lamp, personally grown) on-board to craft with!

I’m not sure that I’d do all of the crafts, as some are obviously more joking than practical, but some of them are certainly inspirational.

Beyond this book being perfect for any Sedaris fan, I’m fairly comfortable in saying that the new-age crafter would find real uses for many of Amy’s quirky creations. Perfect for the upcoming gift season — read: Crafting for Jesus (pg. 161).

Not a crafter? The pictures and commentary are enough to merit the affordable $14.51 price on right now.

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