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The Fashion File [review]

As a social media coordinator for a book publicity firm, I’m usually in the soliciting position when it comes to book reviews. During Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I noticed a giveaway hosted by Grand Central Life & Style for a book based on one of my favorite shows, Mad Men. Given that I never win anything, especially when the winner is chosen randomly, I was shocked to see my name appear on the winner’s list for this particular title. Shocked, but certainly pleased. Click read more to see what I have to say about Fashion File!

Image courtesy of and Grand Central Publishers

It should be noted that I have little fashion sense, but I absolutely love reading about fashion, especially its evolution as an art and medium of expression. When I received this book, the first thing I did was flip through it to see just what was covered. I was thrilled to see a survey of fashion from eras not restricted to that of Mad Men.

One of my real favorite things that was covered in this book, and really what was at the heart of the book, was the strong inspirational tone of developing one’s personal style. It touched on the idea of colors matching with moods, silhouettes for particular body shapes, and activity/career-minded clothing.

For the fashion lover, this book would serve as a reinforcement of the rules they already know, and for me, it was the perfect primer for a lifetime of likely continued mismatched patterns, but also the added reason for me to continue to appreciate those in my social circle who dress to impress around the clock.

Special thanks to Grand Central for the opportunity!

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