From Google with Love? [Or just another rant from the Mega Bus]

Google and MTA are making my week sad. When will the inconveniencing news stop? First I get word (embarrassingly delayed for someone as connected and wired as I am) that MTA is hiking up the cost of my beloved unlimited card to $104/month (up 17% from its current $89/month price tag). They threaten that those who plan on hoarding inactive 30-days passes with plans to activate them after the December 30 fare hike will be out of luck, because those cards won’t work. Although, given my feelings toward MTA’s ability to place anything into action, I bet the technology will fall short enough and wish the hoarders success. At the end of the day, I can afford the increase, but I am certainly not happy about it. The single-ride fare is jumping from $2.25 to $2.50, and the unlimited weekly pass from $27 to $29. My thoughts are that if they plan to make these kinds of increases, on top of the budget cuts, how do they plan to keep riders? They already have completely unreliable buses, outages on weekends, and yet they will be implement WiFi into the stations. It’s a luxury I might enjoy, but is it worth it?

As for Google, they announced that on November 12, they plan on discontinuing their Google 411, an automated telephone directory assistance system. I used this service many a time to avoid AT&T’s overpriced 411 directory assistance service, and I have to say, Google was on to something. Its service will surely be missed, but it seems that they have repurposed its featured throughout other applications, enough so that information is still readily accessible. An added thank you to Google for its amazing web browser, Chrome. I downloaded it last night, and have been happy with it so far.


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