[Olive] Oil Advisory

On my morning commute, I am almost consistently approached by at least one oddball. A few weeks ago, I had a rare evening commute conversation with a lady outside of the bus shelter waiting for the Q66 bus down 35th Avenue. As we stood in front of Panera, me wondering if I should find shelter from the impending store, the woman approached me to talk about the bus schedule. The conversation switched quickly to the topic of Queens-area grocery stores. When I mentioned my vegetarianism, she asked what kind of oil I cooked with. I listed off: extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, and vegetable oil. She scolded me instantly. I use extra virgin olive oil for everything (especially salads), but apparently it should not be used for cooking. I wrote off this bubby-type, only because I had not heard this from anyone else, until moments ago when I clicked my StumbleUpon button, and it led me to this page.

An excerpt from the post gives an idea of the different oils that should be used depending on the stove-top heat or dish:

The higher an oil’s smoke point, the higher the temperature the oil can withstand. As a result, each type of oil should be used for the cooking method that is most appropriate to its individual smoke point and heat tolerance. Here is a quick guide for the next time you reach for your favorite oil:

Heat During Cooking: No heat
Oil: Flaxseed
Best Use: Salads

Heat During Cooking: Low to moderate
Oil: Coconut, corn, olive, peanut, sesame, walnut
Best Use: Baking (low heat), light sautéing, pressure cooking, salads

Heat During Cooking: Medium heat
Oil: Macadamia nut, safflower, canola
Best Use: Baking (medium heat), sautéing, stir-fry

Heat During Cooking: High Heat
Oil: Avocado, sunflower, soybean/soy
Best Use: Deep browning, deep-frying, searing

source: Divine Caroline

Somewhere not-so-far away, Rachael Ray is crying.


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