Don’t Go CHASING to Try and Please Me

I hate Chase Bank. This is not new news. I love its bankers back in Michigan, specifically the branch on Woodward near Huntington Woods, but its many locations in New York have proved to be seedy and tacky.

I went to Chase today, because I had many a check that required depositing. The entire experience felt like I was at a car dealership (a used car dealership, at that). They had a representative waiting in the vestibule. If the representative was merely there to greet customers, then fine, I would have had no qualm.

That being said, he was one of the seedy representatives trying to sign me up for a credit card and online bill pay. They assign their slimiest bankers to this position, or so I’ve observed. I understand that they want people to sign up for their services, but I bet that I could implement a much better, more efficient, and as a result, more effective protocol for doing this. I delighted, then, in telling the skeezy banker that Chase foolishly used the wrong social security number when applying on my behalf for the College Credit Card that they offer. The SSN that they used was not qualified because of too much credit. I then reapplied, and was sent an application for a platinum card. I had barely any credit, how in the world could I have qualified for said card? FOOLS.

Will I return? Yes, because they have my money. Will I be nice? Only time will tell.

Mo money, mo problemz.


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