Flip Flop

As summer nears its end, I find myself unwinding after a long day’s work, flipping from channel to channel as my TV shows of choice finally return. The following are shows that I am unhealthily invested in:

1.) Flipping Out – Jeff Lewis’ combination of neurotic (he may argue “detail-oriented”), comical, and caring (I do believe he genuinely cares (at least about Jenny’s fertility, Trac[ey]’s wardrobe, and Zoila’s energy level)) is the perfect end to a drama-free day.

2.) Entourage – This season has taken a darker than normal twist. I’m not “in” enough (or I am just lazy enough to have not researched) to know if this is the final season, but if so, they’re ending it well with Vince and his new drug habit.

3.) The IT Crowd – Finding out that the IT Crowd was renewed for a 4th series was the best news (well, not the best, but pretty uplifting). Moss, Roy, Jen, and Douglas are practically¬† family to me at this point (false sense of reality, much?) and so I’m excited to see where this season takes us.

4.) Weeds – Nancy Botwin is all kinds of dysfunctional. While I’m upset that it looks like they’re tossing Esteban to the curb, I am excited that Uncle Andy is back for the ride.

5.) TrueBlood – No one would peg me for a Vamp-trend follower. In fact, I’m not. That being said, I am addicted to TrueBlood. I wouldn’t yell that from my fire escape, but putting it on my blog is pretty much the Internet equivalent. The dynamic of the show, plus Lafayette’s sass, divided by Sookie and Bill’s rocky relationship, multiplied by Eric’s charm and good looks, equals a frighteningly successful show.

6.) Mad Men – As someone who works in PR, all related industries are of interest to me. I’m especially interested in the early advertising industry, and not just for all of the day drinking and promiscuity. Between Don’s charm, Peggy’s ambition, and Roger’s wandering eye, there’s always something entertaining going on on Mad Men.


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