What the fork?

According to an article I came across on my Google Reader from NJ.com, AMC is trying to start a new trend in the movie-going experience by offering dinner-style concessions as opposed to (or possibly in addition — the article was not clear) to the traditional theater noshes of popcorn, candy, and soda pop. The actual auditoriums where movies are screened will be complete with tables and recliner-style chairs. I do not agree with, nor will I partake in the fork and film venture.

The movie theater that I used to go to in Michigan, the Uptown Palladium 12, had a dinner and a movie offering quite like this. For $26 (could be more now), patrons were given a smorgasbord of food that included a gourmet, buffet-style dinner, dessert, coffee, cappucino, and unlimited soda pop and popcorn. No wonder movie seats are getting bigger. The meal is available an hour before the movie, and can be taken into the special stadium seating screening room, complete with memory foam leather chairs and attached tables.

What I find most troubling is not the undeniable lack of nutrition in anything purchased at a theater, but that it is proven that when you eat while watching something like TV or a movie, it’s not conscious, and you’re not paying attention to how much you’re eating. With the obesity rates and rates of obesity-related diseases in the US, why would anyone green-light this idea?


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