Operation Underground: Slow and steady wins the race

After four months commuting between Astoria and Midtown, I have adjusted well to the idea of not having WiFi while underground. Certain metro stations throughout the country have deals with different carriers to provide some sort of connectivity, but New York fell behind in the times. Until now.

Mashable released a story on July 30 announced (via Bloomberg) that Transit Wireless LLC will be slowly but surely outfitting the NYC’s underground with WiFi connectivity. They make note that it will not likely reach whole tunnels, but parts of them, as well as the platforms.

While they take their sweet time to reach Astoria, I’ll likely stick to playing Scrabble on my iPhone.

One comment

  1. Hmm of course now that I’m leaving they’re getting wifi… Or oops, I don’t even have a smart phone. Joke’s on me.

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